About Justice Nkosi

Justice Nkosi is a qualified and highly skilled human resources professional, a speaker, motivator and teacher. The Walk of Faith is his first book which is inspired by his own life, his teachings, his own experiences in the workplace and his faith in God, which is steadfast and unshakable.

The stories in this book are reflective, practical and straightforward. The Author uses a well-structured writing approach which allows the reader to connect with his journey and allows the readers to apply the practical principles in their own lives. It is a masterpiece, and this magnificent writing can be regarded as leadership, motivation and biblical handbook and a guide.

Justice Nkosi

Preface – The Walk of Faith

This book is aimed for anyone going through a transition, challenges of life, needing inner strength, intrinsic motivation and a spiritual lift, can read this practical guide. These principles can be applied in different environments, that is, self, family, work and church.

The Walk of Faith BookMany well-known authors have widely researched the transition or the balance between Intellectual Intelligence (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) and Spiritual Leadership (SL). I have tried in this book to relate mainly to spiritual principles to our day to day life and how they can be used to overcome challenges, set a clear vision and act on it, be internally motivated and recognize that God made us spiritual beings, and we need to tap at this level to make it through life.

I must declare beforehand that this book, The Walk of Faith, has nothing to do with being theologically correct, church or Christian practices and rituals. For those who feel helpless, victims of circumstances, as you go through the book, you might at first go through a variety of emotions which is the intention of the book to stretch you out of the comfort zone spiritually.

It is concise read; therefore, you can read each chapter several times, refer to your Bible and pray for revelation. It is essential to reflect and scribble on the notes portion provided after each chapter. -Justice Nkosi